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There is so much going on with the company right now! Its so insanely hectic trying to research and find all my manufacturers, artists and still have a good social media presence. But ill tell ya, its fantastic! I love researching the top products and finding ways to get them to you guys, but my most important thing right now is finding the best manufacturers to make things with my brands. I had decided when i created this company that i would only put out the best products i could find. There is a slew of chinese companies that i have looked into, even bought products to my house to test and review but its taking too long for them to get there. So ive gone another route and that is to spend my own money and hire out the best artists and manufacturers i can find. Its so easy to pick the cheap stuff, and it will sell. But even my wife will tell you, i love to research and will choose the best of best with whatever i get. So from here on out, anything put up on my site will be after countless hours of research and testing. This is the start of something great!

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