Valrufavikingasveitin! (Werewolf Viking Squad)

This has been 3 months in the making, figuring out my story and image together has taken so much work and inspiration was needed so i really appreciate those who take time to read this. Now, im not good at that grammar stuff so once the story is finished i will have it grammar proofed and it will be either available on amazon or i will send everyone who purchases a piece of apparel the rest of the story! I hope you enjoy the hard work ive put into the story and the pieces.

Note: all apparel is unisex, women are recommended one size down.

Second note: The runes around the moon say "BUILT FOR A TARGET RICH ENVIRONMENT"


"Beep beep" Alaric's phone rings on his bedside table rising him from a deep sleep at 3 am. "Hello?" He answers groggy and barely awake.

"You have been activated, gather your team and rendezvous at the citadel for a briefing" the static voice states on the phone. Alaric is wide awake now, he has only gotten a call like this once before in his career and it was a world ending phenomenon. Hastily he gets dressed and opens his laptop.
The contacts folder on his computer has a side panel with an encrypted password protection only to be opened with a code sent from the head of the IBEB (Icelandic Beast Eradication Bureau). As he waits for the code his nerves are heightened in anticipation for what this is all about
He pulls out a burner phone and places the battery inside. "Ding" his message notification goes off. The text reads "there has been an incident surrounding Lake Askja. The lab has confirmed heightened blasts of gamma radiation in the vicinity and sightings have been reported"
"Sightings?" He messages back. "Of a canine nature" is the response. Alaric's hands tremble as it dawns on him what he will be up against. 'Ding' the text notification goes off once more with the pass code.
He pulls up the list of active agent availabilities specific for this case. Ceedee, Gunnar and the Harii butcher are the only three names on the list. "This must be bad" Alaric mumbles to himself while writing a mass message to the three agents. "They wouldn't send any of these guys together unless there was no need for subtlety"
Each man responds with a yes and he closes the laptop. 24 hours is all he has to set his affairs in order just in case he doesn't return. The gun case in his bedroom was custom fitted into his wall and takes up half the adjoining room in his home. He walks inside and goes to work filling duffel bags with silver ammo and multiple high caliber rifles. Along with a small food pack and 4 bottles of water his truck bed is full up and ready to start the contract. Alaric locks his house up and hits the road for the long drive to citadel giving him plenty of time to stress about what he's facing.
   "Little bear!" A voice yells from the corner of the conference room. Alaric had just entered the building and was refamiliarizing himself when Gunnar surprised him. ""You know I don't go by that anymore" jokes Alaric as the two men clasp hands and embrace each other. There had been a few moments during the last contract the two had done together where little bear could be the only thing to call someone who tore a man's arms right off his body. Coughing Gunnar weezes from the tight hug "damnit man your still strong as an ox though!" "Thanks, you know whats going on? Is everyone else here?" Asked Alaric. "The other two are getting drinks and snacks. They just never stop eating do they?" Replied gunnar. "Ha no they don't thats why I have my rations locked up so at least I have time to catch them rifling through my food."
They both laughed at the memories as the other two made their entrance.
"Whats going on boys" spouted Ceedee as he and the butcher entered the room.
After greeting each other and a little small talk the rooms lights dim and the men find their seats in front of the projector."What we have seen" the mission director states as he walks from a door in the front of the room "is reminiscent of the 92 incident in Morocco" two of the men swear under their breath and Alaric just stares dumbfounded. "I was told this would never happen again" pipes Ceedee from behind a pile of chip bags from the vending machine. "So we thought" replied the director. "But it seems to have resurfaced and in larger numbers".

"Odins beard!" Yells Gunnar as he hastily checks his phone. "I don't nearly have enough ammo for this." The director responds by opening his desk and pulling out a large pelican case. "Gentlemen you will be given a weapon the IBEB has been perfecting for the past 30 years." It opens to reveal 4 black long swords. "These are all from the same piece of metal retrieved after the closing of the Moroccan portal. Its taken a full 30 years of research and 7 billion dollars to create them just for a moment like this.

The butcher pulls one out, "Why so special?" "These blades harness the full warrior ancestry of whoever uses it. Once the blade has chosen its bearer they will know every move, and counter move that every one of their forefathers have ever used in battle. Its almost an autopilot of destruction." The director responds. "Lastly, the blades will never dull and as far as we have tried, will never break."

Alaric stares incredulous "so we have to sword fight what I'm assuming is to be 8 foot tall 400 lb hyper predator werewolves...""You will also have your automatic weapons but this is sort of a just in case things get out of hand" responds the director with what could only be called a serious as a heart attack look on his face.

Ceedee laughs loudly at this statement "ive seen one of these motherfuckers slam a full grown man into another man until they burst like a balloon filled with jelly. These dinky swords won't do shit!" The director grabs a sword from the case and tosses it at him. As soon as the blade hits his palm he spirals into a world of chaos and warfare. A millennia of battles are crammed into his head as he absorbs every move and attack and cheap shot ever used to conquer an enemy and he blacks out. 
When he comes to Ceedees brothers are standing over him "The director is gone, he gave us our briefing notes and said to get moving as soon as you woke up." Alaric says pulling Ceedee to his feet. "And wipe your face, you have blood running from your nose down your shirt, its not a good look to appear like we've lost the fight before it even started."
 The 300 mile drive was just enough time for a weapons check and 3 other insane war blackouts as all the men got acquainted with their new swords from hell. As the van pulled around the corner to the entrance of the crater lake screams became audible.
People came running past the van covered in blood, one man applying pressure to the gapping hole that was his arm trips in front of them as he is trying to flee. Ceedee steps out to help him.

"Are you ok? What happened?" he asks wrapping a tight bandage around the man's shoulder to help stop the bleeding. "I don't know! My wife and daughter were sitting with me on the beach when all of a sudden a giant metal triangle appeared right next to them. My daughter fell in and my wife went after her. When I ran over to try and grab them a giant arm with huge claws reached out and grabbed me trying to yank me in! Then, it emerged..." the man's eyes were fading as he finished speaking, Ceedee realizing he was still losing too much blood began to tear the man's shirt off to make into another tourniquet when he noticed he had been completely gutted and his shirt had been covering the massive trauma. "Where did all this happen!?" But it was of no use. Grey eyes and a trickle of blood running out of his tear ducts were the only expression the deceased could give. "Let's move fast boys" he exclaims jumping back into the van and they speed off towards the beach.

Body parts litter the sand and blood foams at the waters edge. Its a massacre but the source is obvious. The men pull up to the top of a dune and see a 15 foot tall diamond plate steel fixture floating a few feet above the ground. Alaric stops the van "grab everything you can hold and let's go fuck these things up!" The butcher grunts in approval and they all jump out onto the cold sand anxious to get to work. Walking towards the monolith a scream then a loud crunch is heard to their left.

Standing in the center of a pile of what looked like 6 humans (hard to tell with all the blood gore and random body parts strewn about) was what they were after. It appeared between 6'6 and 6'9 covered in fur with a wolfs head and clawed fingers reaching up to 15 inches in length. Tightly knit muscle that was constantly strained to flex and react at any moment held together an apex predator with no competition, until now.

A girl was crawling on her hands and stomach trying to get away from the beast, her body had been torn in half at the waist but she still seemed alive, dragging her entrails in the sand it was a futile attempt at freedom because the Varulf had noticed her and planted his giant clawed foot on top of her head. Salivating, it leans down to her, still pushing her face into the sand and speaks an undiscernible language into her ear. She starts to scream, flailing about to get away from the monster as fast as possible. With a howl so loud it cracked the vans windshield it lifts up its foot and slams it down on her head crushing it into the sand.

"What. The. Fuck" said little bear as he brings his .50 cal BMG up and sites the werewolf right between the eyes. "BOOM!" the round enters the varulfs head and takes everything with it. The Varulf stands there, headless for a few seconds and collapses, the last pumps of its evil heart gushing black blood onto the sand.

"Ha! That was easy!" Gunnar yells over the ringing in his ears. And just like every movie, Little bear responds with "A little too easy" and the monolith glows with radiant heat. The men can't take it and all find shelter behind the van. With the heat climbing and the center of the gateway beginning to materialize, howls and a chorus of screams that sounds almost musical come from inside this hellscape. "Did you really have to say that?" Ceedee yells over the noise. The heat stops. The silence is eery and only broken by the sound of claws scraping against metal. The men peak around the van to see ten more varulf exiting the gateway with more behind them. "Well gentlemen, let's give the bureau exactly what they paid for" says Alaric as he pulls up his massive high powered rifle and begins firing off shots.