Alien invasion

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Space case:

also known as galactic insanity. The Beings have traveled for generations to find our planet after scanning for intelligence among the universe. But after 4 thousand years of light speed travel from the farthest reaches of space they were not prepared for the psychological mutations they received after constant bombardment of interplanetary radiation and infusion of dark matter with their very DNA. It drove them insane and what had started as a mission to find peaceful life on other planets degraded into a mission to conquer, experiment and ultimately destroy the unlucky inhabitants of earth that this highly intelligent species had aimed to find....

Take me to your leader:

I remember the day they came. I was in my garage hitting my heavy bag on a Sunday morning because there was no open mat that day since the gym owner had a family matter to attend to. It was late April and the temperature was rising quickly as summer came hot on spring’s tale. It was just like any other spring day, the sun was out and I had done several rounds on the bag trying to do footwork and get my hooks just right when I noticed outside the sky was turning a dark gray quickly. As I walked out the bay door and looked at the sky there wasn’t a cloud around and that was very odd, though it seemed like a solar eclipse was beginning. I figured it would have been posted on every social media platform in some sort of meme (you have to remember, the internet had only really been in use for almost everyone for about 15 to 20 years so people spent most of their time either posting pictures of themselves or posting pictures with dumb jokes on them to get a laugh out of their “followers.”)

 As I watched the sky darken, the sun became completely covered, blacking out any source of light and plunging everything I could see into complete blackness, something was very wrong. I ran into my house to grab my gun and a few things and told my wife to do the same as I made a hasty bugout bag when my phone pinged. It was a national crisis message. “The Attorney General is recommending all U.S. citizens to return to their homes and stay indoors for safety.” “Fat load of good that will do” I laughed as I cleared the message and kept packing, never trust the government. Running out the door to my car I didn’t know where I was going but I knew I had to go north into the mountains as fast as possible.

As I drove down the highway most people were speeding off exits to get home to wait out whatever this was. I took one last look in my rearview mirror of the town I had once lived and watched the black sky light up with tiny led strobes. “Shit.”  


The next year was insane. Reports of some sort of alien species had landed right outside of Wyoming in some sort of supply vessel dubbed “The Hercules” by the media. It was the size of a small house and shaped like your average movie ufo which I thought was pretty funny. What came out was humanoid in shape but 9 feet tall, purple skin and sure as hell didn’t come in peace. The first noise out of its mouth was in such a language that anyone within earshot that heard it either went insane or had the blood vessels in their brains burst killing. The world was definitely not ready for this. They had tapped into the internet database learning everything us dumbass humans decided to stick online which was how they were able to take out most of the Military weapons sent to destroy the ship. Still up in the sky hovering just outside the stratosphere was the mothership and it was eerily quiet. What I didn’t understand was, why was there was only one of the beings sent to earth in the first place? I mean, sure it wasn’t harmed by any of the low caliber bullets shot at it but some brave Wyoming boy had decided his 3500 superduty could do better than a Glock and slammed right into the bastard tearing it in half and killing it instantly… that was easy.

 I had heard that the alien corpse had been brought to Washington D.C. to be autopsied though the result was a strain of virus that ended up causing massive cell mutation in the people that were studying the alien. They had morphed almost overnight into some grotesque H.R. Giger creation, growing until the skin was so stretched that they popped like a balloon. The exploding bodies threw black goo on everything and everyone they were near. The goo had some kind of molecule in it that would begin the mutation of its host and pretty much disassemble them down to their base forms, imagine ‘spinal cord inchworm’ and you get the idea. “So that’s why there was only one”

Once the virus had spread, it turned the entire city of D.C. into a cesspool of undulating limbs and organs, slowly inching its way towards the capitol building. Years later a young intern I had met on the road that was working at the Washington post at the time had said he could hear a thousand voices chanting nonsense in every language he could understand and a bunch he couldn’t, but the one thing he always heard in English was, “take me to your leader”

 As I sat in my tent with my wife, deep in the Alabama forest far enough from the nearest town the small radio we had been listening to while cleaning and field stripping our pistols suddenly stopped playing music. “What the hell” I said, and I got up to move the antenna to a better position to get the music back. Before I could touch it a news blurb came on. “Communications from the D.C. news 7 helicopter has come in, it seems that the creature that had been gathering near the capitol building has finally stopped moving. Its as if the ball is in a hibernation of sorts and has formed a mound right in the front lawn. We will keep you up to date on anything that happens beyond this point.” Then, what sounded like a jet engine the size of Kentucky was winding up high in the sky. I ran out of my tent and into the clearing to look up just as the mothership opened like a clam and fired a massive projectile towards earth.

The radio came back on, “this just in! It seems as if the giant vessel out in space has just fired a missile into the ball in D.C., it seems to be glowing.”

Back on the front lawn of the capitol building, the ball looking like a cocoon with arms, legs and body parts intertwined to make a shell was glowing and something inside was moving. A split down the center revealed what this was, an egg, and what came out was a colossus! Glowing red, 280 feet tall lined with muscle and crustacean armor, the beast ripped itself out of its cocoon and stepped onto the nation’s lawn. The first and last thing the leviathan said before the rampage truly started was a roar towards the mothership and it headed north towards New York.

 “Ulta Ulla!”



“We have to get the boys….” I looked at my wife Ali and didn’t comprehend what she was saying at first. Then it dawned on me. My two sons were up in Connecticut with my ex. I knew I had to go there to make sure they were safe and alive. What kind of father would I be if I didn’t? That, and I sure as hell wanted to see what this monstrosity could do and why it was going up that way.

We gathered what meager supplies we had and drove towards town. I didn’t have much room in my tiny car but there was more than enough to hold all our weapons, some canned foods and what little ammo we had. Before we headed out I decided to stop at an outdoor store to fill up on ammo.

Once inside I noticed the place had been ransacked. “Let’s get to the back where the guns are and just see what we can find. Keep your eyes open though, I know there’s more people here doing the same and they wouldn’t think twice to take what we have” I told my wife as we both walked through the first aisles heading for the ammunition shelves. She was already thinking ahead and led us through the women’s clothing, crouching down and shuffling between racks of camo cutoff summer shirts that looked like a redneck spring breakers dream of fashion. She held her hand up to stop me.

Ahead of us were 4 large men and one middle aged woman. The males were all about 6 feet tall and ranged between 180 and 220 lbs with the two lighter skinned guys being the heaviest and seemed to be related. The female was in her early 40s and was sitting on a bench generally used for trying on shoes. “I don’t know cara, you don’t seem to be looking too well” exclaimed the oldest man. “How the fuck would you feel if you had gotten stabbed by that, thing?” she responded, pointing towards our planned destination. The guy who was talking to her hesitated. “I don’t know what that was but it ran out the back so at least we won’t have to deal with it again, and anyways we need to find a doctor and get you checked out your stomach was just sliced open, I don’t know how you’re even alive.” She raised up her shirt to show her stomach smeared with blood but no cuts. “It must have missed me and had blood on its arm already because I’m not cut” she said looking at her abdomen. “I must have imagined it or something”. The smallest of the 4 looked perplexed. “Uhh I watched your colon come out between your hands, how is that even possible?” Then she curled over into a ball, screaming in pain. From our vantage point we could just barely see her lying in the fetal position holding onto her midsection, what she did next was out of a horror movie. She ripped off her shirt and started tearing at herself with her fingers. Trying desperately to scratch out whatever was inside her, and began to tear her own hair out. Then, without any reason she began so seize. Flopping on the floor and leaving a puddle of sweat it sounded like someone slapping raw beef with their bare hands. Ali grabbed my sleeve and we flanked the group, we had to get to the ammo, who knew what this was going to turn into?

                When we came around to the left of the group the meat slapping sound had loud clacking added to it, as if someone was hitting the tiles with a hammer, I peered around the edge of the aisle we were heading down to clear the group and to my horror I saw the transformation. The woman’s entire body was sloughing off her skin and what replaced it was a much smaller but almost perfectly identical version of the beast storming up the coast towards my children. The only difference was that she had two 4 foot long swords that resembled a praying mantis’ arms coming off her elbows but sharpened on each side. Her face had completely come off leaving a skull with an elongated jaw and razor sharp teeth, gaping open. She gargled her last breath and stopped convulsing.


The skinny man dropped his gun. “Cara! Are you ok? What the fuck is going on?!” He fell to his knees next to her and looked for a heartbeat. From the looks of his terror he was very close with Cara. As he began to pump her chest in resuscitation she exploded up to her feet. Cara looked down at her arms then at the man kneeling below her and with one swipe, cleaved his head off his body. The two biggest guys ran in opposite directions while the last just stood there stupefied. He lifted his rifle and fired off one .308 round directly into Cara’s chest blowing a hole out the back of her and shoving her into a wall of tactical gloves. She immediately screamed in rage and ran directly at the man before he could reload and fire off another shot. Using her scythe like appendages, she grabbed the man nearly cutting him in half and lifted him in the air then slammed him down on his back cracking his head off the tile flooring. If that hadn’t killed him, then her landing on top of him and ripping his chest open to get to his heart definitely did.


We immediately ran. This time I was in the lead and was heading towards what I thought was the door but we found ourselves in the original spot we were going to in the first place, the ammo section. “shit we have to get out of here!” Ali said, but we both knew the only way back would put us in direct contact with this former middle aged woman who had now become a zombie death machine.


Gunshots rang out in the store and a loud shrieking came from our original hiding spot. Cara was on the move. I leapt over the counter and went through what was left of the ammo. 9mm and .40 cal was all I could find so I loaded my pistol with the self-defense rounds as fast as I could and threw my wife the .40 for her sidearm. I knew there had to be something else and as I was digging, my leg hit something soft and I heard a scraping on the ground. Looking down I saw a man’s arm that had been severed at the shoulder, or ripped, I didn’t examine it long enough to know, but he had been holding a Mossberg 930 semiauto shotgun. “Bingo” I said as I bent down to grab it. I checked the capacity and there were 5 cartridges left alternating in buck shot and slugs. Whoever had this before was either a terrible shot or these things are tough.


Two more shots rang out and ended with a yell and what sounded like an entire aisle falling to the floor. Then all I could hear was sounds of tearing and the screeching of the beast as it feasted on its next victim. I looked for my wife to get her to cover me as I led our way to the front of the store. “Baby!” she screamed and I turned around to see she was being held by the last and biggest man of the group with a knife to her throat.

“Give me the gun motherfucker” he said. I wasn’t about to lose my soulmate over a shotgun, but he was probably going to shoot us once he got it anyways. I pulled out my Glock “if you kill her I kill you!”

For a tense moment he thought about it and began back towards the main aisles. “I’ll bring her to my sister and she will kill us all!” I took aim at his face.

 I was an ok shot, and had gotten better with all the practice id had over the past year, but with a 3 inch margin of error and my target 12 feet away it wasn’t looking good. Just as we rounded the corner I held my breath, took aim and started to pull the trigger. 
crunch!’ His knees buckled. He dropped the knife and Ali fell to the ground. What had stopped the man was two of the four feet of zombie bone sword impaled through his skull and down his neck. Cara had either come to see her brother off, or was just killing the next living thing she could find. She stabbed him in the back with her other arm and tore him in half. The spray of blood and guts everywhere blinded her vision just long enough for me to drop the pistol and swing the shotgun up into my sight. Before she could look down and attack my wife I started firing. Boom! Boom! Boom! into the chest knocked her back tripping her over a foam arrow target. I ran around the target to get a better vantage point and fired my last two shots into her grotesque skull. Smashed like a green candy shell with strawberry jam (the chunky jam) her body lay twitching, nerves firing off one last time. “Are you ok?” “Yeah” she responded as she got up. I looked at her neck and it had a line of blood on it, he must have cut her when he died. “Thankfully this is all I got from this encounter” she said. “I got a shotgun” I laughed and she punched me in the arm.


9 hours and a fuller car later we were at the outskirts of New York.


POP!’ “God dammit”, we had a flat. We had just pulled onto FDR and were weaving in and out of wreckage trying to find the exit to I95 and keep going north. We got out of the car and looked around. It was a veritable Escape from New York scene, minus Kurt Russel. Flipped cars, fires, and people running through the streets. We heard gunshots ringing out down an avenue and we high tailed it to a slightly more secluded spot in a mini mall parking lot. “Check this out!” she said as she walked towards a Kawasaki motorsports dealer. The windows had been smashed but when we went in not much was taken or destroyed. The plus side to motorcycles is that not everyone knows how to ride them. We ogled all the beautiful bikes available and were sort of dumbfounded that we had walked in on such a cache. The door to the back room slammed open, “hands where I can see them!” I dropped the helmet I was looking at and stuck my hands in the air. I heard footsteps and felt the cold barrel of a gun hit the back of my head. “You just think you can come in here and take my bikes?” he asked, I could almost feel his evil grin. “Well I was just going to borrow one for a quick ride around the block” I said as he rifled through my pockets, disarming me of my shotgun and two pistols. “Turn around slow and keep your hands in the air. We’re going in back to stick you with the others.” As I turned around I saw Ali walking up behind him with a fire axe in her hand. He saw my eyes look beyond him and began to spin towards her so I grabbed his pistol hand and tried to wrestle it free. A shot went off, I looked up and the axe had been buried in his back severing his spine and putting him down. I felt an intense burning in my shoulder. “I’m shot! What fuck!” I could barely move my arm. Ali looked at me with concern, “what do we do now?” she said. “Well, I think I can manage to get on a bike if we ride slowly. It will give us more speed and we can get out of the city, I just need to take the lead in case I fall off the bike so you can help me.” “The bleeding is pretty bad” she exclaimed but we both knew this wasn’t our last stop and with no hospitals opened or even a bandage around we would have to keep going. So I wrapped my shirt sleeve under my armpit and over the top of my shoulder to slow the bleeding, grabbed my firearms and selected a beautiful liter bike I hoped would make it through this carnage.


The ride through the city was slow, we crawled around overturned vehicles and trash thrown across the street. Some shops had been completely gutted and all their merchandise thrown into the road. It wasn’t the best terrain for a sport bike but we managed. As we came up to a few signs showing I95 turnoffs I finally had some relief. We had narrowly escaped getting killed in the motorcycle shop and there was more than one person running out of buildings to stop us on our way through the city. This was a nightmare and worst of all, we hadn’t seen the beast this whole time. All the noise and gunshots didn’t help because we couldn’t pinpoint where the alien was but we had been hearing massive explosions and what sounded like buildings crashing far off in the city. Then, as we turned toward our exit lane a massive red beam of light lit up the entire street. Fire spouted from everywhere as we dumped the bikes and began to run for cover. I looked up and towering over the street was the beast. I clearly remember it screaming “ulta ulla” before it ran from D.C.

 “we need to get out of here” ali said as we hugged the building trying to keep out of site. “I know but what can we do? Were stuck!” I looked around and the only thing I could see that would make it through the rubble was a city dump truck sitting on the side of the road.


Six rockets streaked through the sky and into the brute. The concussion was so massive from the impact it caused the vehicles around us to alarm simultaneously. As we ran towards the truck the monster let out a roar and the beam cannon glowed on its forehead. “Open the door we have to go now!” Ali said as I got to the driver’s side. ‘thunk thunk’ the hood rattled and an alien hybrid zombie came crawling across the hood of the dump truck. Shots rang out as Ali unloaded the rest of her clip into it. The screech was audible from a half a mile away and hundreds of those former citizens of New York, now alien zombie ass holes responded in turn. I started the truck and we crawled away as fast as a city dump truck could. In the rear view mirror I could see them coming out of the wood work scrambling towards the vehicle. 3 blocks ahead of us the leviathan finally dropped the hammer and fired a massive beam at the next jet that was getting into position to fire its payload. “Look up!” I yelled and both of us watched the jet fly past us, one wing disintegrated trying to maneuver up and over the beast. It was too late though, the plane rammed into the monster knocking it back into the side of a building with a massive explosion. It lost balance and fell blocking our only exit.


With countless zombies behind us and a massive skyscraper sized monster blocking our way, we were out of places to go and out of time, I stopped the truck right next to a construction zone that had once been a manhole cover leading down to the sewers. I leaned over ali and opened the door, “you have to get out of here, just jump into the hole and hide. I will bait them away from you, then make your way up north into the woods. You have to get out of the city!” “No” she responded, “I won’t leave you.” She hadn’t been wearing a seatbelt so I pulled my Glock out and handed it to her. When she let go of the trucks pillar handle to grab it I pushed.

 “I love you!” I yelled as my wife fell out of the truck and into the sewer below with a splash, holding my only loaded weapon. “At least she will have some kind of protection” I thought as I pulled the passenger door closed and put the truck into gear.


I floored it straight at the beast. It had fallen backwards so I had the perfect chance to drive right into its big red dick as a last fuck you from earth. I could hear scraping in the bed of the truck as several of the zombies had caught up to me since I had stopped. “Were all gonna die!” I yelled and locked the doors, this was at least going to kill a handful of these things and possibly cripple that big bastard if I hit it right. 68 miles an hour was all I could muster by the time I impacted. I didn’t get to see much of the damage because I was knocked out cold during the crash, (wear your seatbelt kids).

 As I came to I noticed I was halfway inside the monster like some kind of robo birthing in reverse. Muffled roars could be heard as the monster tore at its crotch trying to dislodge me. The interior smelled horrible like rotting flesh but there was another distinct smell. “Gasoline” I said in a concussed stupor. I looked down and noticed the floor was soaked in it. The gas line had broken and punctured the underside of the floor, with the key still in the on position it had been squirting gas into the cab the whole time I was knocked out. With no way to open the door from the pressure of the beasts inside I was locked in. I could hear clanging and scraping in the bed of the truck that was still outside the body. Those hybrid zombies were on a mission to kill and convert me.


I flicked the cab light on and looked around for a tool but nothing was there. My feet slid around in the gasoline puddle while I searched, this wasn’t going to end well. Just as I was going through the glove box gravity shifted as the monster moved for a better position to grab the end of the truck. I was screwed and frantically looked for anything I could use in last ditch effort to save my life, or at least let me last a few seconds longer. I heard plastic rattle in a cup holder, and when I looked down I saw a pink mini lighter sitting there. “Go fuck yourself!” I screamed and flicked the lighter igniting a spark. The entire cabin erupted and flames and I immediately began to scream and flail about. I could feel the flesh burning off my body and my lungs were on fire with every shuddering breath I took. The roar of the flames were so loud I could barely hear my assailants (big and small) frantically wailing as they were burned and killed in the fire. The last thought in my mind was that at least I had put a major hurting on this thing then everything went black….


I took a deep breath. Looked around and could see the top of the tower I had just been under receding from view. As I looked up I could hear the humming of the mother ship as it drew me closer. “You are a worthy adversary human.” “We will use you for many experiments to advance our species.” The language was foreign but I could understand every word. As I entered the source of what was pulling me I flipped my head around to see earth in all its splendor. It was beautiful and I began to cry, not out of sadness but from the shock of what my brain was experiencing. I floated into the ship and was immediately paralyzed in place. The last thing I saw of my home planet was an orange hole glowing in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. As the doors closed to earth one final time a blinding light flashed from the planet and it disappeared in a cloud of radioactive space dust… 

“Abduction completed”


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  • I love when you pushed Ali out of the truck. 😂

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  • Oh man, when you pushed Ali out of the truck, I could hear her fictitious cursing and screaming.

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