Am i overtraining or overreaching?

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 So today i woke up feeling like shit and i know i must train every day but sometimes my body tells me not to and ive come to listen to it. Over the years i had gone to the gym no matter what and it has caused a multitude of problems. countless injuries, setbacks and stalling progress has come from me just punching the clock when i should have taken time off. 

ive found that in all those years physical training every single day isnt always the way to go. Dont get me wrong, i believe you need to make it part of your life to train. Just like breathing and eating you must train to survive but overtraining can put a stop to your gains whether its size, power or athleticism. I dont take days off lightly either. In all my years of training (i will always use the word training to encompass any sort of physical activity ive done to prep my body ie. combat sports, rugby, powerlifting, bodybuilding etc.) i have finally learned how to truly read my body. Its taken multiple shoulder tears, herniated discs and bone fractures but hey, i finally got the hang of it! A quality rest day is something that gives the body a break and, just like a cheat meal can give you a massive boost in performance the next time you hit the weights or the mat. 

But, i still must train because it is my daily ritual and i cant live without it. With that being said, training comes in many forms and since i couldnt physically train i will train myself mentally. The biggest thing ive learned in life is to never believe i know everything there is to know about what im doing. Someone always has a better answer or can do what you have done in one less step, 10% easier or even 1% faster. You gotta take that into consideration and scour the sources available to you to learn what you dont know, or to do what you do but in a more efficient manner. This video is from Jeff Nippard and i do suggest you watch it, i love his videos because he uses a ton of science and studies to get his information out. And hes a little jacked guy so you know he has a clue to what hes talking about. Always push to be better, faster and stronger. Dont let your subconcious bitch brain tell you you cant do it. Do more, be better and always remember,

Training is ritual

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