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So just a heads up to anyone who may be reading my blog and wondering about products, I am currently at sea and will be heading home soon. I have ordered 14 different items from overseas to review and see if they are high enough quality to sell on this site. The money i make from them will be going into the branded clothes line so i can make the most of what is sold on here. The reason i want to have any items i sell on hand is so i can give a personal and honest review of everything. One of my biggest pet peeves when shopping online is that there isnt enough clarity to what the companies sell and im not going to make that mistake. So if you can just have patience then i will make sure you get every possible perspective on the products i sell so you wont have any doubts about the quality. And i will honestly make the statement that i will use everything that i sell to you, so nothing on this site will be crap because i will only use the best products i can find. Any ways thats whats going on right now, glad i can give you all a heads up on the current state of affairs in the company. Im still learning all this so bare with me, but ill be as transparent and as personable as possible because i want to get a relationship with my customers above what most companies have! thanks folks and remember Training is ritual

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