Motivation issues

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Its so hard to get motivated out here on the ship. I know i have a ton of opportunities to get pictures and videos so i have some sort of content to put up when i actually have signal but, its just the feeling of this place that puts me in a mental trap. Its like jail out here. Dont get me wrong, i train everyday and with the rise program i got from tier one viking i am not shot because of the amount of active rest days i get throughout the week, but for some reason i cant get myself to bring a camera into the gym and get any footage. I also have found it so hard to prep anything on my social media sites. I have gone ahead and created a linkedin account for my company, (just search training is ritual). What do i need to do to get motivated? I think its also the fact that i kind of let myself go during the last month while i was home. I didnt pay attention to my diet and i went to the gym and lifted more than did fight training and it really shows. I spent my time working on the logistics of my company, trying to get as much work as i could while i was home because i knew i wouldnt be able to when i got out here. 

Maybe i just need to suck it up and bring the camera in and just hit record. It will give me some sort of kickstart at least, and i can work on angles and proper shooting techniques like i had been when i was filming for my failed youtube channel. 

I will say that i have been screwing around with products left and right, testing and retesting and checking to make sure i liked what i made. Its becoming more and more clear to me that i need to make multiple versions of the one product and just let it sit and stir. When i say multiple versions, i could easily put out 25 pieces of apparel right now without a thought, but they just arent up to snuff for me yet. Until i get them in hand and can either say yes or no i just cant sell them to anyone, so the practice goes on. Ill keep playing around with things and try to get you guys the coolest stuff i possibly can. 

Thanks for listening to my rambling. Its been on my mind to write a blog about this but since i cant get motivated to do any other content creations why would this be different lol. Just keep in the loop, ill be coming out with more and more as time goes on and when i get to land ill be able to pump out a lot more content and hit the mats to give you guys a better view of the Alabama MMA scene!

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