my shoulders are shot!

Posted by william gibson on

so today was my shoulder day from the rise program and damn it was taxing. Granted i lift about 10 minutes after i wake up so my warmup has to be on point and takes longer than if i had been awake all day. It wasnt even a heavy day today either, shoulders fell on a high rep day so all my working sets were in the 10 rep range but with a higher rpe. That means a medium heavy weight for that high rep range caused me to have at least 2 warmup sets before hand since i was so cold in general. In saying all that, i blasted my delts and triceps today and im so surprised how shot i am from it all. The one thing that was new to me today was the snatch grip overhead presses. I spoke to Chris, the creator of the program and he said he liked to add them because klokov was doing them for lateral delt developement and i can see why, the biggest part im noticing was making sure my form was on point today for that move, since the weight is behind my head. But it felt amazing even with a lighter weight than i would use for push presses and i felt my side delts getting a ton of work! If your interested in the program leave me a message in the comments and ill send you the link to his site where you can pick it up. He has two forms, a general program that is just for anyone who wants to pick up the workout and a personalized program where you give him all your information and lift numbers and he customizes it to you. I obviously went with the poersonalized program and it sucks! Hes making me work on all my weakenesses and i think thats why im so taxed but at the end of this i should be lifting a whole lot more and looking jack AF. What do you guys think about hitting these wierd lifts in a shoulder day? Id love to get some comment on your experience with things like the snatch grip press and arnolds and why you do them or what has developed from using them consistantly.

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