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first off, let me give a giant shout out to my sister jillian, for the amazing edits she has done, i wouldnt have posted this without her! i hope you enjoy the story, this is supposed to coincide with my rashguard and shorts at hope you have enjoyed this and i just want you to dig my horror mind!! #trainingisritual 



It was 23:30 on a Friday in May. Officers Penelope Lopez and June Swanson were sitting in their patrol car waiting for the end of their shift. “I’m so damn hungry I could eat a horse!” Lopez told her partner. “Two more hours and we can hit bobs for a burger on the way back to the station” responded Swanson. The two had been on this route for over a year. It was a higher end neighborhood in the suburbs of a small Wisconsin town and there was never more than the occasional teenager out late or vagrant from the city that made their way in to find a warm place to sleep and ended up on someone’s front porch to keep out of the weather. Not much happened here and most of the folks liked it that way, but officers Lopez and Swanson had been out of the academy for a year and were itching for some action.


“Day better end soon because I can’t take this anymore, I have to get up for open mat tomorrow and I’d still like to get all my nogi stuff washed and dried tonight” said Lopez. She had spent all of her childhood and most of her young adult life training in mixed martial arts. A few amateur fights and tournaments had solidified her love for the sport of MMA and she thought it would help out with her career in law enforcement. Sadly, there weren’t many people to work over here so it ended up getting trained more than used and that was always a sore spot in her mind. Swanson agreed “jimmy definitely won’t be happy if were in dirty rash guards again, let’s do a slow roll through the neighborhood so we can be closer to the station once our shift is up.” “Sounds like a plan” said Lopez and she put the car into gear and drove slowly down the street.  Midnight was coming and in this small town most people shut down after 10 pm so they didn’t see a single light on in any house down the road. “Kind of creepy, like it’s been abandoned.” “You say that almost every night” said Swanson, punching her partner in the arm. As they got to the first intersection they saw a flash down the street to the left. “Did you see that?” said Swanson, “yeah” replied Lopez. “let’s check it out”. It wasn’t much, like a camera flash going off, but since they were already in the area, they might as well take a detour and see what’s up. They drove a quarter mile down the street and saw an old volvo station wagon parked in the road with black tinted windows. It was rocking side to side. When the officers were within 40 feet of the car, Lopez hit the spotlight and aimed it towards the commotion. The rocking stopped. The patrol cars windows were rolled down so they could enjoy the cool summer air and they heard a muffled yell within the vehicle. Swanson hit the P.A. “whoever is in the vehicle, open the door and come out with your hands where I can see them”, then she unbuckled herself and got out of the vehicle.

Suddenly, the passenger door burst open and a middle aged woman wearing a torn T-shirt and ripped shorts stumbled out of the car and started to run down the street away from the police. “Stop!” Swanson shouted, but before she could do anything else the driver side door of the car in front of them opened and a man got out. He immediately sprinted after her. Swanson got back in the cruiser and Lopez hit the lights and siren chasing down the two runners who had rounded the corner into the next street. When the policewomen made the turn they saw a horrible scene. The man, whom the girls could finally see what he was wearing, wore a trench coat with a hood on and must have been at least 300 lbs. and over 6 and a half feet tall. His facial features weren’t visible with his back to the cruiser but he was on top of the victim slamming a claw hammer down onto her head repeatedly.


Lopez slammed the car in park and got out with Swanson not far behind. “Stop what you’re doing and put your hands up!” Lopez yelled with her issued 9mm Beretta trained on the assailant. The hammering continued feverishly. Swanson fired of 3 rounds into his back and he stopped. What happened next would have shocked even the most grizzled war veteran. The man had smashed his victims head into such a mess the only thing solid left was her neck with a gaping hole where her face had been. He then shoved his hand into the hole and pushed until he was up to his shoulder inside her body. Shallow rapid breathing was all that could be heard as both officers had their guns pointed at the man, not sure what to do being shocked to this degree. A wet suction noise came as the man pulled his arm out of the corpse holding her heart in a clenched fist. “This is how I get their souls!” he exclaimed and squeezed the heart until it bled into his mouth. The officers fired off their entire magazines into the man but he didn’t fall. He got up and grabbed the body by her ankles. In one Olympic spin he swung her in a giant circle letting go at the apex flinging the cadaver directly at the officers.

Both girls ducked as they were blinded by the spray of blood. The body flew past them at an incredible speed smashing into the hood and front window the cruiser collapsing the front of the car and the immense impact caused the corpse to explode, like a grenade filled with chunky jam. Lopez had a new magazine in her pistol and looked up but the man was gone, running down the street and turning into a yard. “I’m going after him call for backup” Swanson said as she took off after the killer.

 Lopez ran to the cruiser and grabbed the radio receiver but it had been ripped from the dash and smashed in half from the body that had hit the car. “Fuck!” she swore and ran to the trunk. Her personal radio wouldn’t reach anyone in the precinct since they were so far out of range in this neighborhood. “Is everything ok officer?” an older man yelled from the house adjacent to the scene. “Its fine sir just get inside and lock your doors!” Lopez yelled as she pulled out her Kevlar vest and a Kel-Tek RDB semi auto rifle in 5.56. The governor had made Christmas pretty good last year. ‘Crash’, 5 houses down the man had run straight through someone’s front door. Lopez shoved as many magazines in her pockets as she could and threw her Beretta into the trunk to replace it with an S&W 500 that was given to her in case of a bear sighting, it was northern Wisconsin after all. She slammed the trunk closed and went sprinting towards the house.

Officer Swanson bounded up the front porch stairs in two steps, stopping when she crossed into the home. A flashlight blinded her and a shotgun blast sent her flying out the door. Luckily she wore her Kevlar vest every time she went to work. Her father called her paranoid, but she was always said she would rather be looking at it than looking for it. “Don’t shoot I’m a police officer!” she yelled while rolling to cover outside the door. With one hand holding her pistol at the ready, she felt under her vest with the other to check for any injuries, finding none she got to a crouch. “I’m so sorry officer!” the man yelled in his yellow robe. “I got woken up by a loud bang and I thought you were an intruder.” Swanson responded, “No I’m following him, please lower your weapon!” he complied and she walked in the doorway, flashlight scanning the foyer. She looked at the man, “What’s your name, sir?” Swanson asked, looking into the man’s worried eyes. “My name is Don,” he replied, his voice wavering. “Don, I need you and any other occupants to leave this house immediately; a suspect is inside and he’s dangerous.” “Okay,” he said and yelled up the stairs to the second story, “hunny, we need to leave the house, now!”

Before his wife could respond, loud footsteps were heard behind the homeowner. Out of the hallway adjacent to the stairwell came the murderer. His face was still covered in the first victims’ blood and his eyes were black, he looked possessed. His appearance was too fast for Don to respond and the killer knocked the gun from his hands and grabbed both Don’s arms at the biceps. As the killer held him in a T shape using him as a human shield he spoke in a low guttural voice, “you now have the pleasure of becoming a sacrifice to my immortal transition!” Then, without any effort the killer yanked both arms off his body. He then grabbed Don by the throat with one hand and dug his fingers behind the man’s clavicle. With one motion he wrenched the entire front of Dons torso open, spilling his intestines on the floor and revealing his still beating heart. He let don go and as the man fell, his heart stuck in the air dangling him by the veins and arteries still attached. With what could only be described as a look of surprised delight, the murderer shifted his gaze from the heart to Officer Swanson. “I am the only truth” he said with a smile revealing jagged broken teeth. He reached out to grasp the heart.


CRACK’ a gunshot goes off behind Swanson exploding the heart into a mist of blood and meat. The killer stands dazed. Where his left eye once was is now a hole you could fit a coke can through. Four more shots go off as Lopez enters the home rifle in position, staring down the iron sights. “You good June?” she said as she steps in front of her partner. “Don’t worry about me keep an eye on him” Swanson says as she points her pistol at the killer, glad she had a clear shot to put this animal down.


In an unbelievable show of strength, the killer squats down and jumps as hard as he can launching himself up and through the ceiling to the second story. A scream is heard from the top of the stairs and a loud crash in the master bedroom jars the whole house. Lopez runs to the stairwell with Swanson behind her. The bedroom door flies open and Dons wife is thrown out the doorway. The two officers are hit with the woman and launched into the hall directly in front of the stairwell. “Get up!” Swanson says. They push the  woman off of them and Lopez checks for a pulse. “She’s dead.” “We don’t have time to deal with this we have to get up there!” says Lopez. From the second story, the killer runs through the bedroom window and fall into the back yard. Both girls hear the crash and scramble to their feet. “Keep behind me with a light ready, I don’t want him seeing us coming until the last second” says Lopez swapping to a full magazine and chambering a round. Swanson nods and they both follow the hallway until they find the kitchen with a sliding door to the back porch. Slowly Swanson slides the door open, just enough for both of the officers to squeeze through without making too much noise. Out on the back porch a hole has been punched into the wood decking where the killer had fallen. A small trail of blood and splintered two by fours could be seen heading off towards the back yard, into the vast forest of the Wisconsin mountains.”

As the girls walked through the yard they were hesitant to go into the forest. “We need to call for backup” Swanson said. “I know we do, but if we don’t follow him now, who knows where he will go or how far away he will get, we will never find this guy again until he kills more people” replied Lopez, considering what the best option was. As she put on a pair of black hard knuckle motorcycle gloves, her inner warrior took over. “Fuck this, let’s go in there and destroy this guy. Whatever he is he can’t live forever, did you see the hole I put in him? That shows he can be taken down.” Swanson looked at her partner not sure how to respond. She knew Lopez was right and that this man was insane and would kill again as soon as he got the chance so he needed to be stopped, but she also knew he took several rounds of 9mm bullets and almost as many 5.56 bullets and had jumped an entire story without a hitch in his step. “Ok, but we need to be careful and be smart. This isn’t some normal man were dealing with and who knows what he’s doing in this forest.” They set off to track down the murderer.


It was 3 am. The officers had hiked for two and a half hours through the woods following the trail of blood seeping from the man’s wounds. “How is this guy still alive?” Lopez thought out loud. “I don’t know but he must have lost a massive amount of blood” responded Swanson. They were on uphill terrain and the forest was getting thicker as the town got farther away from them. They reached a plateau in the upward climb and happened upon a small hut set in a clearing. The blood trail led straight to the front door. “This is where we catch him” Lopez whispered to her partner, both readying their weapons. She gave Swanson her S&W 500 “you get a shot, take it” she said handing of the massive revolver over. Swanson nodded, she was always better with pistols than Lopez and had no doubt in her ability to hit square between the eyes.


Standing outside the doorway using the outside walls for cover, nothing could be heard in the shack. “On 3 we go in, I’ll go first and low you stick directly behind and go high. Scan clockwise and hit whatever moves.” Lopez was trembling as she explained the steps. Not in fear but out of the excitement of a possible fire fight that could kill her or her partner. Swanson nodded and Lopez readied her rifle “One. Two. Three!” she kicked in the front door took 3 steps into the shack and dropped to one knee scanning the room in a counterclockwise motion while officer Swanson stood immediately behind her and scanned the other direction. The shack was a single room with a small cot against the far wall, a wood burning stove and a small square table in the center that had some paperwork on top with a stool sitting next to it. Other than that it was bare and when the girls swept the entire room they looked puzzled. Swanson walked to the table and picked up the papers. Written in scribbled handwriting were the names of 8 children that were abducted from schools within the state in the last month and a half. It was a mix of boys and girls and each name had either used or converted next to their names. 3 out of the 8 had converted and the other 5 had the words "walls" or "alter" scribbled next to them. Doodles of demons and faces contorted into painful shapes were drawn haphazardly on the paper.The last few words on the page were in some foreign language, possibly of Hispanic descent, that Swanson wasn’t able to decipher. Lopez stood by the door keeping an eye outside to make sure no one was coming from behind them. “I don’t know what’s going on. The trail ends here he should be here” Swanson said as she walked through the room checking for anything that would give the whereabouts of the assailant. She was walking towards the stove on a small throw rug when her foot fell through the floor. “Help me up” she said and Lopez walked over, “so he has a trap door to sneak away, maybe we didn’t lose him” exclaimed Lopez excited to be back on the chase. Within reaching distance she laughed at Swanson, one leg in the hole so far that she was stuck up to her crotch in a very uncomfortable position. “This position reminds me of that time in the academy you were caught with two of the upper classmen in their barracks. Never knew you were so flexible” said Lopez. Swanson gave her a death stare “yeah yeah, don’t remind me. The PT and head cleaning after was a nightmare.” They both laughed and Lopez reached down to grab her partner’s hand. Suddenly Swanson had a surprised look on her face. “Help!” she yelled but before Lopez could grab her she was folded completely in half, her bones audibly breaking from the strain and ripped down into the hole. Her screams were heard trailing off as Officer Penelope Lopez looked into the black depths of the hole that her best friend and partner was taken. 


This can’t be happening!” thought Lopez, staring into the black abyss. Her partner’s screams had disappeared within seconds. Her voice wasn’t cut off, more like she was falling off of a building. Without hesitation she jumped in the hole and feared how badly her body would fare after such a long fall. She landed softly. Looking up it was no wonder she wasn’t hurt because the top of the hole was only about ten feet up. So wherever he took Swanson, he took her fast. Flipping on her flashlight Lopez scanned the hole. The dirt had been dug out with what appeared to be finger marks along all the walls. No tools had been used to get this cave made and that made her shiver. As she looked for an exit she found a 3 foot high tunnel dug into the side of the wall and crouched down with her light to see how far it was. The light disappeared into the distance meaning she had a long way to go, so Lopez through the rifle on her back and cinched up the strap to keep it there. Within the first few feet she bumped into the revolver she had given her partner. “Shit she’s unarmed” she thought as she crawled faster and faster. Her flashlight in her mouth was the only source of light in this long tunnel and she noticed the walls had scaffolding holding it up. This wasn’t a temporary build, it had been made to be a permanent pathway through the earth and upon closer inspection she realized the scaffolding holding up the tunnel was not made of wood, it was made out of bones. Thousands upon thousands of leg and arm bones, tied together with what could only be human hair. Most of them were brown with dirt but underneath was the dried black and red remains of the victim’s blood. Lopez was sweating and frightened about everything she had seen up to this point. “Who is this guy” she thought, crawling on the packed dirt floor, in a tunnel that was always sloping down, deeper and deeper into the earth heading directly into the mountains. She wondered how such a monster could have done all this and not been caught. Whoever he was, she wasn’t going to stop until she killed him, or he killed her.


*The further Lopez crawled, the more menacing this tunnel seemed to get. The moisture that had accumulated within created beads of sweat among the walls, looking more and more like they were bleeding as they faded into deeper shades of red. After what had seemed like hours of crawling, the tunnel opened up into a dark cave that was covered floor to ceiling with stalagmites and stalactites. With only the brightness of her flashlight, she realized how big her problems had become; it would take her forever to find her partner in this maze. She panned the flashlight down, revealing droplets of blood scattered across the floor. I hope that’s from his wound, she thought, and followed the speckled trail that lead her into the depths of the cave.


She heard a low humming that multiplied in volume with every step she took. There was a faint light in the center of the cave and the closer the officer got to it the wilder the noise was. Like hundreds of screams and cries of pain along with the melodic throat singing that reminded her of the monks she had seen in Tibet. Is was eerily soothing and she slowly was lulled into a sense of calm as she walked towards the glow.

Past a very large rock formation the path turned into a clearing. Torches had been set in the ground with at 5 points illuminating an alter in the center where Officer Swanson was tied to a stone pedestal raised 6 feet into the air. Lopez froze and ducked behind the rock only to trip and land on something soft. She shut her light off and muffled a yelp, and as quietly as possible felt for whatever she hand sat on to see if it was an animal that would attack her. It was worse. Her hand came into contact with another hand that was wet and slick. She followed it up and found an arm that no longer had a body. With the hypnotizing hum, she hadn’t noticed what she was walking through. The path from the tunnel was lined with grotesque and mutilated body parts, rotten legs and torsos tied together as a retaining wall that used the victim’s bones to stake their heads every few feet. Gaping mouths and fear filled eyes stared at her when she quickly flashed her light at them. She couldn’t take anymore and jumped to her feet, running into the clearing.


“June, are you ok?” Officer Lopez asked after clearing the room and walking to the alter. “Penny?” Swanson replied, she had a blindfold on and was startled by the sound of her partner. “Im going to get you out of here don’t worry. I just have to get these shackles off your hands.” As Lopez routed around in her bag to find her lock picking tools her partner spoke again. “He is in here, I can feel him. Penny hes pure evil we need to leave this place!” Swanson cried, and Lopez could see the black blindfold getting damp. She grabbed a small rag she had in her pouch to wipe her friends face but when she lifted up the blindfold June Swansons eyes were gone. “Oh my god!” Lopez gasped. A deep guttural voice from the edge of the star of light spoke. “I have removed her vision so she can see the void clearly now.”


She pulled up her rifle, “you son of a bitch! Come out where I can see you!” From the shadows, the killers hulking form appeared. No longer in his trench coat, he was completely naked holding a long blood soaked dagger in each hand. Massive symbols had been etched into his skin covering his entire body. “Do you like?” he asked Lopez, using both knives to gesture at his cuts. Some were so deep and long his bare bones were showing between the sliced muscles. “These symbols create a map for my soul to join with an ancient being. Your friend here will be used as a key to unlock the door and join our worlds long enough for me to accept him as a host”. “I shall be YUM KIMIL! Leader of hell!” he screamed and ran directly at Lopez with both daggers gripped and ready to strike.


She pulled up the rifle, flipped the selector to full auto and put an entire magazine of 5.56 rounds into the oncoming attacker. One of the bullets had hit the hand holding the dagger, exploding from impact.  He wavered just long enough for her to shift her wait and duck under a swipe of his other blade. His momentum had cause him to step to far behind her and she regained her composure, spun around and threw a leg kick at his rear leg knocking it behind his lead leg. With him off balance she ducked down and threw a right handed cross at his hip. Because she was wearing her motorcycle gloves that she had modified by welding a larger set of steel knuckles to the top of the original metal knuckles and stitching a second set of wrist wraps to prevent any fractures, she was essentially wearing a pair of extra rigid gauntlets that weighed twice as much as her bare fist and could take direct impact without causing her harm. This let her put her entire weight into the punch, and when she connected she heard a loud click in the man’s hip causing him to drop to one knee. She reached for her revolver, but it wasn’t in the holster. A quick scan of the room showed it had fallen while she evaded his first attack and was slung 15 feet away. She ran to the gun that was a third of the way to the altar, picked it up and spun aiming down the sights directly where the killer had been. But he was gone, and she heard a noise behind her.  “Enough!” he said, standing at the altar. He ran his hands down Swanson’s body. “She will be a wonderful sacrifice” his jagged teeth showing while he smiled at Lopez. “NO!” Lopez screamed.


The bloody killer raised his dagger high above his head, “shhh my child all will be revealed soon” and he drove the blade deep into June swanson’s chest. She let out a cry and gasped for air as her heart pumped its last few beats. Officer Lopez whipped her revolver up and pointed it at the killer with her finger on the trigger, then the torches went out driving the entire cave into pitch blackness.


whoomp!’ a blast of air and heat coming from the altar knocked her off her feet sending her sprawling on her back. The man who had murdered countless people was floating above the altar engulfed in a purple flame that roared to the top of the cave. “you should be honored!” he bellowed. “you shall be the first one to witness the end of this plane of existence and a new era, enslaving all souls!” his deep gashes were glowing, the sigils he had carved into himself has solidified into one large symbol covering his entire body that flashed immense heat with every word he spoke. Swansons body was dissolving into the air, her DNA fractalizing into infinite crystals that were drawn into the symbol giving it life.

Lopez went into survival mode. All thought had escaped her and she had only one purpose, take this motherfucker down. She pulled her gun up sighted the killer and pulled the trigger sending a .500 smith and Wesson round directly into the demon man’s skull. His head was whipped back and she pulled the trigger again. The recoil from this revolver was amazing and it took all her strength to keep the gun from hitting her in the face when she let off the shot. This bullet hit him in the chest pushing him into a spire of rock jutting out of the ground. He looked at her now, the insanity in his eyes dissolving into rage. Raising his hand he made a fist and the dagger that he had used to sacrifice Officer Swanson leapt from the altar and went flying toward Lopez aimed at her face. She held up her fists to shield herself and the blade sliced her revolver in half and stuck halfway through the right hand stopping within an inch of her face, the pain was immense. She dropped the half of the gun she was holding, grabbed the blade and pulled it out grimacing at the gaping hole in her hand. To her surprise her wounds healed immediately and the blade glowed until the final seam was closed. She looked puzzled at the demon, “This cant be!” he shrieked in confusion, and dove directly at her. Her entire world slowed to a crawl, and Lopez could see the demon 6 feet away from her, with both hands out looking for a death grip on the officer. She stepped across his line of trajectory and spun outside at the last minute, her lead arm out holding the dagger. When the world sped up to normal she was at the very end of her spin and the knife connected with the demons chest stopping him as if he was a feather trying to push a brick wall.


His face contorted and he roared in pain, then grabbed her with both hands. “I will end this!” he yelled and shoved them both up off the ground rocketing towards the cave ceiling. They traveled at immense speed drilling a hole up through the mountain until they cleared the top and were flying through the air. Higher and higher they flew until all Lopez could see was the blackness of space. “Goodbye maiden warrior, this is no longer your journey” the demon said calmly and with menace in his eyes, released his grasp on the officer.

Released from his grasp officer Lopez was in a free fall but time suddenly stood still. She had been grasping the dagger in the demons chest the whole time, so when he let her go she was still tied to him. Time began to pick up again and with a swing of her legs she whipped her body up and over his back, mounting him and pulling the dagger out. Time resumed. The Demon felt her on top of him and reached up to grasp her and throw her towards earth. She had a better position though and evaded his hands, then lifted one fist and began brutally striking the demon in the back of his head. One after the other, her punch rained down on top of his skull until she had broken through sending black liquids and brain matter floating off into space. His body twitched and he became lifeless. It was done she thought and looked out into the nothingness wondering how she would ever get home. Another twitch. Then another. Lopez looked down and watched his skull reassemble itself back to a solid piece again. “Not this time asshole” cried Lopez and she took the dagger in both hands and plunged it into what was left of the demons open wound.


A bolt of lightning erupted from earth arcing directly into the two opponents yanking them back towards the atmosphere. The speed was so great that Lopez had almost lost her grip while they rocketed towards earth again. ‘BOOM’ they landed creating a quarter mile wide crater in the earth while lighting struck in multiple places around them.


Lopez was on her back and as the fog lifted from her head she peered around at the damage. What was left of the demon was a black husk with a dagger sticking out pointing directly towards the sky. She had won! As she grabbed the dagger, thoughts of her best friend and partner flooded her mind and the gravity of her altercation sent her spiraling into unconsciousness.


When she came to, the sun was blinding in her eyes until a shadow covered blinding light. She blinked and saw 5 men standing over her. “Where am I?” she asked. “Diabla!” screamed one of the men and they all jumped back. Lopez got to her feet and looked at the five men eyeing her with lustful stares. One had a bundle of rope in his hands while another was holding duct tape pulled out ready for use. The other three were holding pistols pointed at her with fear in their eyes. “What were you going to do with that?” she asked, anger in her every word. She took a step towards the men they jumped back, one of the men with the pistols fired at her and hit her directly in the face. Her head slumped forward for a second and then she looked up, moved her tongue around her mouth then spit the bullet onto the ground. “Guess he left me with something to remember him by” she smiled and Lopez ran towards the 5 would be kidnappers slaying them all before they had time to think. 


never become prey.

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