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The building blocks of man muscle.
From the dawn of time man knew he needed a source of protein whether it was slashing down reptilian death monsters up till the Neolithic period or Joe the meathead pounding a cheeseburger, your average well adjusted man needs to eat protein.

Why is protein so important? well lets get into some science.
Protein is a class of nitrogenous organic compounds that consist of strings of amino acids. These proteins can be gotten mainly from animal tissues (meat) but can also be consumed by things like legumes and nuts. Even though you can get your protein from plants… don't be a bitch, eat a steak. it's good for your spirit and only the mightiest gods will look down and favor you. They don't favor vegans.
A big part of protein is the amino acid profile. There are 21 amino acids in total. 9 of them are essential meaning, you need to consume them for your body to have any, and the rest can be created by your body.

Why are these important? Well in a nutshell, GAINZ baby! To build muscle you need to consume these amino acids. When they are consumed your body links them into chains which creates a protein. These proteins are then sent around to your muscle tissue to be synthesized and create new muscle. When you workout you have micro tears in the muscle fiber. These are microscopic so they won't be seen by the naked eye but after a big leg day and your having trouble sitting on the toilet, you know your going to feel those tears!

Ok, enough basic science. Now that you know what protein is and does for your body lets go on to the task at hand. Reviewing my favorite protein.
If i could do a review on meat i would. Buffalo wings are probably my favorite thing to eat but i cant pound wings all day every day. it would kill me. Also, they have a ton of fat in comparison and im looking for a protein i can consume thats cheap in bulk, tastes good, and has no other added junk or fillers. I just want protein. Thats where ISO 100 comes in.

For my money i go with this product. For 65 bucks you can get a little over a months worth of protein powder to add into your diet, and if your trying to keep calories low your in good hands.

Lets look at the facts.

Maaaaaaan those are nice numbers. 25 grams of protein and only 120 calories? Along with the carb count and fat numbers this is a ringer for what you need in your diet.
BONUS! In addition to giving you the best of the best when it comes to your protein needs, its also a protein isolate. Meaning, its been broken down into the smallest molecule of protein so your stomach doesn't have to deal with the lactate and have digestion problems. How is that not a win? I remember when protein powder was just starting to get into the mainstream. You could chug a 2 scoop shake and within 5 minutes you were in the bathroom. Not good. With this stuff it goes down and digest really easy. No run to the bathroom, no trying not to laugh at a joke while clenching with all your might, and most importantly no worrying whether a sneeze is going to ruin your pants for the day.

So lets go to taste

This stuff is excellent. I personally have two favorites that are my go to. Peanut butter and Cinnamon bun. The peanut butter reminds me of a cake my lovely Elba (the baker on our ship) makes. Its vanilla cake with a peanut butter creme in the center. You mostly taste PB when you drink it but theres that creamy vanilla hint inside to make it oh so smooth. And the nice thing is, you get more protein and less fats than in real peanut butter so you can use the powder in recipes for things like PB waffles or mix it super thick into a paste and put it on apples. 
Trust me this stuff is good, and with the stevia as a sweetener its VERY sweet.

The next is the cinnamon bun. When i take a shake down im sent to a land of hot cinnamon, chewy soft cake, and a big old dollop of cream cheese frosting on top.  Its kind of like the milk you would have after eating only the cereal out of a bowl of cinnamon toast crunch. Then with that same milk add an entire other box of cereal to it and eating that. The milk left over is the sugary stuff of dreams. 

Next: Mix-ability

What i love about an isolate protein is that its silky smooth to mix. The stuff has the same consistency as corn starch. Silky. When completely mixed in a shaker cup there are no clumps and it can get aerated easily giving it a frothy milkshake texture. This has to be the easiest to mix in all the proteins i've had, and i've had a lot.

lastly GAINZ

I know this works because i use the intermittent fasting diet to keep fat off and to lose fat. The only problem with that kind of diet is trying to get all your macronutrient numbers in. And protein may be the hardest. But when i have these shakes added in i seem to not only keep the muscle i had before i started fasting but i have gained a fair amount. The other reason i know its working is because i hit all my muscles split up between 2 days with the third day being muay thai and abs, and jiu jitsu every other day. If i wasn't getting enough quality protein in my diet i wouldn't be able to hit the gym for an hour and a half every single day. I would have gotten injured by now or not be able to go. 
But by adding in 2 to 3 scoops a day of this extra protein within my 6 hour eating window in addition to 2 full meals im able to pick up weights and put them down like the best bodybuilders out there, and i don't feel like i've been hit by a truck the day after a heavy night of rolling.
In summary i really suggest this stuff. I'm not paid for this advertisement, i wish i was or at least got some free protein out of it. Just to make it clear, im not a doctor. all the information i've given you has been researched through many scientific sites online and through personal experience. I've drank a TON of protein shakes in my life and by far this is what i recommend anyone trying to get extra protein in their daily diet. It tastes great, has low calories and high protein count. its a win win! As always i thank you for reading my posts, if this interested you in getting some protein then hit the link below to get yourself a tub!

BONUS! Find yourself a nice little blender. fill it with half a shaker cup of ice, two scoops of your favorite ISO 100 protein, then cover that with the rest of the ice in your cup. Don't add any water just blend. It may take a bit to get it going but once its all been blended through you have the healthiest soft serve ice cream out there. I eat that every day on the ship because deep down inside.. im a fat kid.

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