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so i figured if i want to make this business a success i need to incorporate as much of my life as i can into it. so ill tell you fine customers a little about myself, the owner. 

 I've spent the last 11 years at sea. The plan had been to see the world and i have. It's easier to tell you where i havent been than where i have and there is so much to see out there with all the different cultures and food and lifestyles. I had been able to say that i've circled the earth 3 times and that was enough for me. As time went on and life changes i have always stuck to one thing, physical training. No matter what ship i have been on i always find a way to get a workout of any possible kind in every day. I've gone from having a full gym with weight equipment and a squat rack, down to doing pullups on a ladder well and body weight exercises just to get some sort of training in. 

That's my biggest thing. TRAIN. There's no way around it, and no excuse. If i can find a way to workout on a ship that's traveling through a storm in the middle of the ocean every day, you can muster up the courage to get off your butt and do some pushups every day. 

As time went on i got tired of working out just to work out. I needed some sort of outlet for all the training i did, i mean, what's the point of doing all this if i have no way to show it? So i decided to become a strongman. Now i won't go into any crazy detail about this because i actually have another blog i had started just to put my stories up from my life, and i plan on doing a big blog dump right here for you guys on the training parts i had written so far. Massive amounts of weight loss and gain had happened within the span of about 3 to 4 years... I quit the strongman because my body couldn't handle it. Too many injuries and myself knowing how bull headed i was i wouldn't stop when i was hurt. I would just train through the pain and that's what caused not only extra bulging of my discs but a ton of shoulder problems and joint issues in general. That and i was a fat shit. Just being big and strong does not make you a threat. I found that out in my first class of jiu jitsu.

My wife had gone to a kickboxing class and i was very interested in the gym. Through a few acquaintances i knew through strongman i met up with who is now one of my dearest friends and brothers at the gym. He was there for jiu jitsu so i joined him, and that's where my love of fight sports started. From there i added in muay thai and im planning on throwing in other forms of martial arts also, so i can have a great base knowledge of how to fight. 

In addition to that love of martial arts i have also become a collector of gear. Rash Guards, shorts, spats, and gi's come in so many colors and differences and i want to collect all of them! I knew i wasn't long for this sailing career anymore and i needed to find another job that wasn't all about the money. That's why i've stayed at sea, the moneys too good to quit! But what's the point of making all that money when you can only enjoy it while your off? What's the point of spending half the year out in the ocean when it doesn't make you happy or fulfill you in any way? Ive listened to enough Joe Rogan podcasts to know that life is better when you do what you love not just what pays. So im in this new adventure to find and make some of the best martial arts clothes i can find. I want to give my customers pieces to put on that make them feel dangerous, and powerful and give them the motivation to go out and put their body to the test! You can only become better if you keep working at something and that's the mindset of my company. 

Train every day, no matter what your day feels like you can do something. Put it in your head that you will hit the gym, the bag or the mats. If you are too broken to do that then spend the time you would have trained studying up on the training you have been wanting to do, or that your falling behind in. It's not just getting in the gym, but you must train your mind to become sharper and give it more knowledge so you have the edge up on your next opponent. 

Never stop. 


Training is ritual

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